Bali Environmental Activists Develop ECO Enzyme to Prevent Bad Odors at TPA Suwung

Eco-Enzyme Community of the Archipelago, Bali Province and Postgraduate, Warmadewa University signed MoU  on Saturday (20/2/2022). PHOTO - SPC.

BALI, THE IMAGE – Environmental activists who are members of the Eco-Enzyme Nusantara Community of Bali Province in collaboration with the Warmadewa University of Bali conduct control of the smell of garbage in the Suwung Final Shelter (TPA) area, South Denpasar District, Denpasar City. Now, the largest landfill in Bali will be doused with eco enzyme. Eco-Enzyme is a liquid fermented from organic waste.

The eco enzyme application trial movement is scheduled to start on Sunday (21/2/2021) for a month. To realize this plan, a cooperation agreement was signed between the

Eco-Enzyme Community of the Archipelago, Bali Province and Postgraduate, Warmadewa University signed MoU  on Saturday (20/2/2022).

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Chairperson of the Committee for the Eco enzyme Watering Application Trial Movement, I Dewa Nyoman Sudita, said that the eco enzyme watering trial for universities was part of community service, especially the role in environmental control. Academically, universities can also carry out scientific studies in the form of research.

“We have prepared a leachate quality test, the initial samples have been taken before and later periodically. We have also prepared a survey to determine the response of the community around the landfill regarding the impact of spraying eco enzyme, “said Sudita.

The man who is also the Head of the Agricultural Science Masters Study Program, Warmadewa University, said that the watering of the liquid will start from today until the next month. Later, during one month of running, the research continues, respondents, namely the people who live around the TPA Suwung, were also surveyed. Is there still a strong stench from the garbage heap.

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Postgraduate Director, Warmadewa University A.A. Rai Sita Laksmi stated that the cooperation agreement that has been established in solving environmental problems is very much in line with the vision and the Postgraduate program, Warmadewa University. Where the vision and postgraduate program are of good quality with a view to ecotourism and global competitiveness in 2034.

“Warmadewa’s vision, especially the Postgraduate Program, is an ecotourism perspective. So there are three important components, namely nature conservation, empowering local communities and increasing environmental awareness, “explained Laksmi. This collaboration with eco-enzyme sprays is very effective in realizing insights into nature conservation and increasing environmental awareness and empowering local Balinese people.

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According to the Coordinator of the Eco-Enzyme Community of the Archipelago, Bali Province, Jokoryanto, the use of eco enzyme is basically not new in Indonesia. Eco enzyme has entered Indonesia about 8 years ago, but it has only developed this 1 year and the initial development of Bali.***

By Axelle D


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