National Police Chief Remind Commitment to Health Prokes Enforcement in Football Competition

National Police Chief, Listyo Sigit after receiving the Menpora's visit at the Police Headquarters, Jakarta, Thursday (18/2 / 2021). PHOTO - SPC.

JAKARTA, THE IMAGE – The National Police of the Republic of Indonesia (Polri) finally allowed the rolling back of the homeland soccer competition in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic situation. National Police Chief General Listyo Sigit Prabowo said that this decision was taken after his party conducted an in-depth study.

“We then held a coordination meeting, we tried to study together related to the current conditions. That sports, especially football, must still run,” said Listyo Sigit after receiving the Menpora’s visit at the Police Headquarters, Jakarta, Thursday (18/2 / 2021).

Nevertheless, the Police Chief emphasized that all parties must guide that the safety of the people remains one of the main factors. Therefore, soccer competition organizers must pay attention to health protocols.

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“In the meeting we agreed to give us a chance. Of course, with a note that enforcement of the Prokes is the main requirement. With this agreement we must jointly maintain commitment, both football clubs, players, supporters. Wherever, if this is carried out, the enforcement of the program is held. so a priority, “said the Chief of Police.

For that, the National Police, said General Sigit, provided an opportunity for the organizers to hold a pre-competition. This, Sigit emphasized, is to see the commitment and whether or not health protocol enforcement is in place when the competition actually rolls around.

“If this requirement can be implemented, we will evaluate it in stages so that of course the organizers of the activities can get better. Of course, with this agreement we have to keep our commitment together,” said Listyo Sigit.

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Meanwhile, on the same occasion, Menpora Zainudin Amali expressed his gratitude to the police for providing the opportunity for the homeland soccer competition to resume.

“This is also a test, whether the things that have been conveyed when applying for permission from the PSSI and LIB are obeyed. The National Police will see that, if this pre-season tournament is successful. Then after that, after Eid al-Fitr, there will be there is a competition for 2021-2022, “said the Menpora.***

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