Bali Needs “Vaccin Based Tourism”

Chairman of Regional People's Representative Council of Badung Regency, I Putu Parwata. PHOTO - SPC.

BALI. THE IMAGE – Bali tourism recovery is imperative to move the economy. For this reason, the Chairman of Regional People’s Representative Council of Badung Regency, I Putu Parwata said that vaccin based tourism is needed to be able to bring foreign tourists back to Bali which is safe from the spread of the corona virus.

Apart from vaccinated foreign tourists, tourism actors in Bali also get the covid-19 vaccine. “This has been proposed by the Regent,” said Parwata, Sunday (21/2). However, due to the global disaster, all decisions are with the central government. According to the doctor of economics, Faculty of Economics of Udayana University, Badung Regency has a big interest in reviving the economy of the tourism sector. .

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That way, vaccin based tourism must be a concern. In addition, the readiness of the Bali tourism health protocol is also a guarantee of trust for foreign tourists.

However, he also acknowledged that it is not easy to build international trust. However, it can be proven beforehand that the condition of Covid-19 in Bali is decreasing, including treatment of people with Sars-cov-2 infection and people without symptoms (OTG). “The community also needs to do the same to maintain and apply health protocols in an orderly manner. This must be convinced, because all of these are indicators of trust, “said Putu Parwata.

He emphasized that these indicators must be met and carried out by stakeholders including the community. “It cannot be just one indicator,” he said, adding that without being followed by a health protocol and awareness from all stakeholders, he believed that foreign tourists would not come to Bali. “They will not dare to visit a country where conditions are dangerous for their health. So we have to prove first the handling of Covid-19 and changes in the behavior of all elements of society, “he explained.***

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