Carry out Face-to-Face Learning During the Pandemic, International Schools’ Permits Threatened Withdrawal

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=== It seems that the Cooperation Education Unit (= Satuan Pendidikan Kerjasama called SPK) or better known as the international school in Bali is looking forward to opening face-to-face learning (=Pembelajaran Tatap Muka called PTM ). They broke the rules, ignored government prohibitions, or flirted with relevant agencies to smooth out the PTM plan. Meanwhile Bali is still in a red zone, and the government has not allowed offline meetings.====

BALI, THE IMAGE – The monitoring of this media journalist at SPK in the tourist areas of Badung and Denpasar, Friday (26/2/201), at around 10:00 a.m. local time, dozens of motorbikes and luxury cars were lined up in the parking lot.

Not far from the parking area, school-age children were seen going in and out of the gate. They must pass strict security checks. Generally they do not wear uniforms. From their age, they are generally junior high and high school students. Most of them are children of expatriates or foreign nationals living in Bali.

This media reporter approached the school entrance gate. From the narrative of one of the sellers in this shop, explaining that this international school is still open, but it is limited.

“So far, the cafeteria of the stalls is selling well. If it’s not students, it could be teachers, employees, or shuttle employees who happen to hang out here. But now it’s reduced, but there are still students and employees shopping every day,” said the middle-aged woman who sells stalls that. According to her, from the monitoring so far, the students still entered but were limited and did not use uniform. “Maybe because of the pandemic situation. It will be limited. Nor do you wear uniforms,” ​​she said.

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Head of the Bali Province Education, Youth and Sports Office, I Ketut Ngurah Boy Jayawibawa, said that many parents of students complained to the Education Office because their children were forced to come to school.

“We have received a lot of complaints, especially from several international schools. The parents were worried and worried because their children were told to come to school. But when we checked, it turned out that the complainant was not at Senior High School (SMA / SMK) or the equivalent but  junior high school. We have continued and coordinated with regencies and cities to immediately take action because PTM has not been able to do so until now, “he said.

Boy said, for provincial authorities there have also been many international schools that have applied for permits to hold PTM. “We emphasize that until now the central directives have been given authority to each province. We have not explicitly permitted PTM activities. If anyone is reckless or violates the rules, then strict sanctions are in accordance with applicable procedures. Starting from legal action to revocation of permits,” he said, Saturday (26/2/2021).

In addition, he continued, the Provincial Education Office had received many complaints that international schools were trying to hold PTM in hotels. The goal is not to be caught by officers. “Once again we ask that this does not happen. We will act decisively,” he said.

Meanwhile, the elder of education in Bali, I Gusti Bagus Arthanegara regretted that SPK forced himself to do face-to-face lessons. “If it has violated government regulations, that is no longer true. Because our country is a country of law, a democratic country but we are still based on rules,” he said.

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Whatever the reason, continued Arthanegara who is also the Chairperson of the IKIP PGRI Bali Foundation, while in the territory of the Republic of Indonesia, he still respects the rules that apply in this country. His party also hopes that the government will provide concrete steps.

“It should be called first, and given a warning. But if you are still in disobedience, give further warnings. But if you are still stubborn at the last warning or the third, yes it will be closed,” he explained.

Arthanegara also explained that it was not immediately possible to revoke the violating school permit. Because there are stages. “Not immediately revoked. But called first, given understanding. But if still stubborn, only then given the final warning,” he explained.

Asked about the suspicion that international schools forced themselves to remain open during the PPKM period with the support of government officials, Arthanegara reminded that there is still a sky above the sky.

“If there are only officials in the city government, above these officials there are still those who are higher. And the highest is the law. It has been proven, no matter how great a person is when he breaks the law, he must still be accountable before the law,” he stressed.

“So I think whoever the person is, must think of sacrificing one’s position to defend people who violate the rules. Let us prioritize safety. Because the government issued this rule, of course also with careful calculations and studies,” he said again.

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A similar sentiment was conveyed by the Chairman of Commission IV Regional People’s Representative Assembly (DPRD) Bali, I Gusti Putu Budiarta. He said schools in Bali had not implemented face-to-face lessons. Because the situation and conditions in Bali are still hit by a pandemic. “The school should have followed the instructions of the Education Office. Because this pandemic is still there. The spread has been increasing. So in my personal opinion, just follow the government’s instructions first,” he explained.

He emphasized that there is no difference between international schools and schools in Bali. As long as they are still in the territory of the Republic of Indonesia, the status is the same. “If a school forces itself to do PTM, then the owner of the school must be called and asked how they are prepared during this face-to-face lesson. Have they met the health protocol procedures or not. Including whether they have used PPE or not,” he explained

Budiarta assured that the government, through the Education Office, would make a special scheme for face-to-face learning, if the pandemic case was already sloping. “There will definitely be a trial, and we who are in commission IV in charge of education will coordinate further with the Education Office,” he explained.

He reminded that during this pandemic, even though there was approval from the parents of students, the one who was most responsible if a new cluster occurred was the school owner. this.***

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