Advertise Yoga Until Orgasm, Australian Caucasians Arrested

Andrew Irvine Barnes - Australian citizen. PHOTO - SPC.

BALI – An Australian citizen named Andrew Irvine Barnes was arrested by the Bali Immigration Office on Friday night (5/3 // 2021). Andrew’s arrest was carried out because he was suspected of spreading an advertisement for an orgasm yoga class through social media and the ad eventually went viral and took the Island of the Gods by storm. Head of the Regional Office of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights (Kemenkumham) Bali Province, Jamaruli Manihuruk, when confirmed, confirmed that Andrew had been arrested by Immigration officers just now.

The 51-year-old man made an advertisement that generally made his yoga class orgasmic. “Yes, it was arrested just now. It was secured by immigration officers in the Ubud, Gianyar area,” he said. He also confirmed that the foreigner was arrested for making an advertisement about an alleged class about orgasm and eventually went viral on social media. When visited by officers, Andrew initially protested. However, the officers immediately confiscated the passport and detained it for further legal proceedings.

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According to Manihuruk, officers already held evidence about the advertisement. In essence, the contents of the advertisement were about orgasm classes packaged in an event labeled “Tantric Full Body Energy Orgasm Retreat.” The event will actually be held on Saturday (6/3) to Tuesday (9/3) in the Ubud area. The event charged participants 500 US dollars or the equivalent of around Rp. 7 million rupiah. “This is done by foreigners at this time. The plan will actually be carried out tomorrow. Information (allegedly) will pay around 500 dollars. This means that we do not really know these practices. We will do some deepening,” he added.

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He said, his party would investigate the case carried out by the foreigner. However, for now the foreigner is still being brought under by the Gianyar Police, Bali to be temporarily detained. “But, for further investigation because this involves a general crime because immigration is outside of that. We are purely on the abuse of residency or immigration permits. So, earlier after we found the person concerned we were taken to the immigration office. But 20 minutes later. Polres officers come to pick up the person concerned. So, while the person concerned is taken by the police officer for further examination, “he said.

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He said that when the police investigated there was a violation. So, of course, his party can use this if there is a violation committed by the foreigner. “This means that we can also use the examination if there is a violation. As a basis for providing immigration administration action or immigration crime. Associated with the practice that was carried out, “said Jamaruli.

As is known, the Balinese were shocked by the plan to hold an “orgasm class” by a foreigner named Andrew Bares and the event will be held starting on Saturday (6/3) tomorrow. In the event entitled “Tantric Full Body Energy Orgasm Retreat, each participant was charged a tariff of USD 500 or the equivalent of Rp. 7 million. The news is now viral on social media.***



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