Deputy Governor Cok Ace Supports the Bali Boxing Day II Event


BALI – Deputy Governor of Bali, Dr. Ir. Tjokorda Oka Artha Ardana Sukawati, M.Si. or commonly called Cok Ace welcomes and supports the implementation of the Bali Boxing Day II event which will be held in Legian on March 20, 2021.

This was conveyed by the Deputy Governor when he received the Pino Bahari Indonesia Foundation (YPBI) Management led directly by the Chairman, Pino Bahari, Secretary of the Charlie Usfunan Foundation and accompanied by Umar Ibnu Alkhatab and the board of the NTT Bali PENA in his office, Thursday (4/3/2021) .

The Deputy Governor emphasized that this event was very good in the midst of the situation of the Balinese people who wanted to immediately see the reactivation of the tourism sector. Moreover, this event is packaged in relation to sport tourism.

“It’s interesting, I also know the Bahari family well, so I think this is a very good idea initiated by the Pino Bahari Indonesia Foundation and the Bahari family. Thank you for your attention and dedication to Bali, “said the Deputy Governor who is also the Head of PHRI Bali.

Deputy Governor Cok Ace also reminded that this event was held in the midst of a pandemic so please pay serious and strict attention to the implementation of the program so that there will be no new clusters when this event is over.

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“Please coordinate with the Bali Province Covid 19 Countermeasures Task Force to get permission and recommendations so that this event can run safely and successfully to promote Bali tourism,” said Cok Ace.

The Deputy Governor himself stated that he would try to attend the event and continue to encourage tourism actors and the public to move to prepare themselves for the opening of Bali tourism for national and foreign tourists.

Meanwhile, the Chairman of the PBI Foundation, Pino Bahari, said that he was happy to meet and chat with Deputy Governor Cok Ace. Pino was grateful because in the midst of his busy life, the Deputy Governor still provided time to receive the YPBI Management. Moreover, it has received a very positive response and supports this event. Pino promised to prepare this event seriously and professionally so that it would become a routine event in advancing sport tourism in Bali.

“We are grateful to the Deputy Governor who received us today and fully supports this activity. We will immediately coordinate with the Bali Province Covid 19 Prevention Task Force to get recommendations and cooperation so that this event continues to strictly implement health protocols. And I promise I will prepare for this event as well as possible and work professionally, “said Pino.

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As previously reported, the Pino Bahari Indonesia Foundation based in Bali will hold a boxing event in order to support the sport tourism of Bali and Indonesia. Secretary of the Pino Bahari Indonesia Foundation Charlie Usfunan explained that this boxing event on the water or pool is the first event in the world to be held in Bali on March 20, 2021.

“This is the first time in the world how people will witness boxing events on a pool or water. We are holding this event to support sport tourism in Bali and Indonesia, ”said the lawyer who also has a hobby of boxing.

Charlie explained, the location of this event was at Grand Kuta Hotel & Residence. At the hotel, there is a pool facility measuring 16 x 16 meters. The boxing ring stage will be laid out over a 7 x 7 meter pool. The remaining 9 x 9 meters are for spectators. So the audience still enjoyed the match while bathing in the pool.

There are 15 games to be played. First, there are 5 games for the juniors with a duration of 2 minutes and three rounds. Second, for the members. The members are all foreigners. The total is 5 matches with a duration of 2 minutes by 3 rounds. Third, for the senior group, there are 5 parties with a duration of 3 minutes by 3 rounds. Meanwhile, the exhibition class is a 7 year old female cadre with a duration of 1.5 minutes by 3 rounds.

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“All boxing rules apply at this event. This is an event that is packaged very professionally and means a lot to athletes because when they have stepped into professional boxing they are no longer awkward, they don’t have stage fright anymore because they have been honed or trained, “said Charlie added. The world’s first event to be held in Bali will also be broadcast live streaming. However, to be able to watch, everyone has to buy tickets online for Rp. 25 thousand. Once the money is transferred to the Pino Bahari Indonesia Foundation account number, BRI account number 4723 01 011858 533, they will be given an account so they can watch live streaming. All of the money will be used for social assistance through the Pino Bahari Indonesia Foundation. ***

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