Meeting of the Covid-19 Handling Task Force and the GM Hotel Association to Resolve the Payment Polemic for OTG-GR Patient Quarantine Hotels

Secretary of Task Force, I Made Rentin. PHOTO - IST

BALI – Responding to the polemic that had occurred regarding the payment of quarantine hotels for Covid-19 patients in several locations in Bali, the Bali Province Covid-19 Handling Task Force through the Secretary of Task Force I Made Rentin emphasized that these problems have found common ground. This was triggered in a meeting with the General Manager (GM) association of a hotel in Bali, which during the hotel was used as a place for quarantine for patients including people without symptoms (OTG) and mild symptoms (GR) covid-19.

“Today in front of our friends, we convey our communication with the Head of the National Task Force, Mr. Doni Monardo that yesterday (Wednesday 3/3, red) we have received a transfer of funds for payment for quarantine hotels,” explained Made Rentin after a meeting with GM associati Bali hotel at the Posko Satgas / Pusdalops BPBD Bali, Renon, Denpasar on Thursday (4/3) morning.

The man who also serves as Kalaksa BPBD Bali explained that the funds for the payment of the quarantine location are fully borne by the central government and for now, the payment has not been completely completed with arrears of more than 30 billion Rupiah from 15 quarantine hotels. “We just got Rp. 10 billion and this is a breath of fresh air, great hope for business people. The money will be transferred to quarantine hotels as soon as possible, no later than this afternoon (Thursday 4/3, red), “said Rentin.

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The payment is to pay off the remaining 25 percent in arrears in October-November 2020, and 100 percent for December 2020. “Meanwhile, January-February cannot be paid because it is still completing the administration of an accountability letter and is still waiting for the funds from the central government that promised to be disbursed close, “he added again.

Rentin added that on behalf of the Bali Provincial Government and the Bali Covid-19 Handling Task Force, he expressed his highest appreciation and respect for the hotels that have synergized and worked together in order to provide quarantine places. “I feel that the support from my friends has been very good. (Pandemic, ed) This is a condition that we did not expect at all, because it requires patience, attention and high tolerance. This is a crisis that concerns all aspects of life, ”he said while hoping that this pandemic would end soon and revive tourism in Bali.

Representative of the Task Force also did not question the emergence of several reports and videos that had gone viral regarding the late payment for quarantine hotels. “In fact, we appreciate and support, because it becomes a momentum, so that our leaders at the center become more familiar even though we are currently running the process. As a result, the process is faster, ”said Rentin.

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n the same place, the Chairperson of the Indonesian Hotel General Manager Association (DPD IHGMA) Bali Yoga Iswara stated that it was very clear regarding the settlement of payments and the processes that must be carried out by the ranks of the Bali Covid-19 handling Task Force. “We would like to express our deepest appreciation and gratitude to Mr. Rentin and his ranks, for all their efforts,” said Yoga.

Yoga said that his party is trying to survive and together with the government side by side to help stop the spread of the virus, while remaining productive safely. “We are also at the forefront of verification to hotels and tourist destinations that have implemented the New Era of Life Order Protocol in the Tourism Sector,” he explained. “With the current conditions we must be optimistic, and communication is the key. Our relationship with BPBD is very good and we choose to sit together if something happens, ”he said again.

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Meanwhile, I Gusti Bagus Agung Suddhajinendra, Head of Legal Affairs and Government Relations at IHGMA Bali expressed his gratitude after a meeting with the Covid-19 Handling Task Force to find clarity regarding the payment status of hotels which are the OTG-GR quarantine locations. “In this case we are very grateful and give appreciation to the ranks, where this payment problem has been pursued as quickly as possible,” he said.

This was said by Sudajinendra, as evidenced by the disbursement of funds from the central government and in accordance with the direction of the Task Force Secretary to be distributed to each hotel no later than Thursday (4/3) afternoon. “This is very useful for hotels to keep the hotel operations running. Through this meeting, we also want to break the atmosphere that may have previously occurred miscommunication, with this face-to-face meeting we will always support and synergize each other, “he said. “Whatever steps (taken, red) the Balinese government, we from the association will fully support it,” he added. ***



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