Not Receive In scorn, German Citizens Report Individual Lawyers

HNH (70) - Germany citizen

BALI – A lawyer with the initials EG was reported to the police station on suspicion of committing an unpleasant act and threatening a foreign national with the initials HNH (70).

Iswahyudi Edy P, the reporter’s attorney explained, apart from the person, his party also reported a resident with the initials WG because he was suspected of being involved. “These lawyers did not accept the lawyers after being decided as attorneys by the reporter,” he said, Thursday (4/3/2021) in Denpasar.

Iswahyudi said that initially the report was made to the Bali Police on February 20, 2021. Because the reported crime scene and the witness were in the Buleleng area, the case was then transferred to the Buleleng Police.

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It is said that this case started when the reporter, who is a German citizen and has lived in Bali for 25 years, had a problem with his wife. The reporter then shared the matter with WG. WG, who is well known to the reporter, said that he would help the reporter by finding a lawyer. The reporter was then introduced to EG.

On the way, the reporter was not satisfied because the case was not clear. The reporter then decides to no longer use the reported service.

Apparently the lawyer was not satisfied with the reporter. Because he didn’t want the problem to continue, the reporter then met with the person at WG’s house, Wednesday (17/2/2021).

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There, when the reporter tried to explain the reason for no longer using the services of the reported party, the reported party got angry while cursing the reporter with harsh words. He even tried to attack the reporter but was blocked by someone at WG’s house.

“Still with emotions and continued to scold the reporter, the person then tore the power of power termination given by the reporter,” explained Iswahyudi.

The situation is getting hotter, WG also defends the person. Not only that, WG then took a sword. He carried the sharp weapon while swearing at the victim and shouting to expel the reporter from his house.

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“At that time WG also said that he would cut down the reporter,” he said.

As the attorney, his party gave his appreciation to the Bali Police and the Buleleng Police for responding quickly to the reports they made.

“Today, apart from the reporting party, there are two witnesses who are questioned by the police investigator. As a legal attorney, we certainly appreciate the Police for being quick to handle this case,” said Iswahyudi.***


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