Proposing a Medical Destination, the Deputy Governor of Bali applies the Padma Bhuana concept to balance the life of the community

Deputy Governor of Bali, Tjok. Oka Artha Ardhana Sukawati. PHOTO - IST

BALI – Deputy Governor of Bali Tjok. Oka Artha Ardhana Sukawati said Bali has a difference which lies in the strength of culture in attracting tourist visits when compared to tourism destinations, including the development of 10 new Bali which was carried out in ten areas outside the island of Bali. When compared to nature outside the island of Bali, they are much more beautiful, but Bali has the culture and hospitality of the people in facing and blending with its natural environment. So that his party really appreciates the desire of the Bina Bangsa Unggul foundation for Bali to have a Medical Destination. This was conveyed when he received a virtual audition from the Bina Bangsa Unggul Foundation, in his office, Thursday (4/3).

Bali, whose tourist visits were quite high before the Covid-19 pandemic, in essence must have a medical destination so that those visiting Bali and Balinese people who want to get treatment of this crucial disease do not have to go to Singapore or Australia, while Bali also has quite a lot of doctors. as a supporting medical destination.

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He added, Bali with 10% artificial nature is of course still far behind other places or destinations, but friendly people with a high sense of tolerance and strong customs make Bali has advantages and an interest to visit.

With his vision “Nangun Sat Kerthi Loka Bali” which is an affirmation of the Tri Hita Karana concept with its relation to the derivative of spatial concepts in Bali later.

The derivation of our traditional concept returns to the land or the concept of padma bhuana or lotus with a spatial implementation that is very harmonious with nature. This concept is a derivative of the Tri Hita Karana concept, namely Bali, from the character of the region which has spiritual power that governs Bali with nine (9) gods as guardians. “But we only focus on the five (5) gods. Where is there is Dewa Ciwa whose strength is art and culture which will later be developed in the Gianyar and Klungkung areas. Namely, Klungkung will soon be built a Balinese arts center on an area of ​​275 hectares, while the arts center will soon be built. will be worked on in Ubud, “said Deputy Governor Cok Ace.

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The northern area, which is the location of Dewa Wisnu, will focus on water resources that are used as a center for nature conservation, namely the Bedugul and Batur areas. So that tourists who visit this area are those who want to mingle with nature directly.

The eastern area which is the location of Dewa Iswara as the place where the sun rises is considered a sacred area.

In the eastern part of Bali, there are many Sad Kahyangan temples established which have become the spiritual center for the Hindu community in Bali.

Meanwhile, the south is where Lord Brahma is believed to be the kitchen of the island of Bali. Where tourists who enter Bali through the Ngurah Rai airport gate are located in the south, and they mostly choose to stay in hotels available in the Badung area and also Sanur. So that foreign exchange that enters Bali through the southern part of Bali will also be regulated for the seven (7) other regencies in Bali.

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And west as the place for Dewa Sangkara is an area that will later be developed for economic growth in the fisheries sector because West Bali also has a sea area that connects Bali with Java. So that the application of the concept of Padma Bhuana is expected to be able to balance Bali.***


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