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Vulnerable to Exposure, Bali Provincial Government Facilitates Hundreds of Covid-19 Vaccination Journalists


BALI – In order to make the national vaccination movement successful, Saturday (6/3) morning the Bali Provincial Government facilitates media crews or journalists in Bali Province to carry out the Covid-19 vaccination.

It was recorded that 268 people had received the vaccine which was held at Gedung Wanita, Nari Graha, Denpasar.

The Regional Secretary (Sekda) of Bali Province Dewa Made Indra was met while reviewing the implementation of vaccinations to the media crew, saying that the Bali Provincial Government has prepared several vaccination posts including at the Nari Graha Women’s Building, UPT Traditional Medicine Health, Udayana University Hospital, Warmadewa Medical Faculty to facilitate the vaccination process.

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“Today I request that a special time be provided for media friends. Because within the target group determined by the Minister of Health, media crews are a group that must be vaccinated immediately,” he explained.

According to him, media crews work with direct contact with the community. The potential for exposure to Covid-19 is very high, so media crews must receive protection with vaccinations.

“There are more than 400 media crews who have registered themselves, so please be patient and follow the process well,” he explained.

Sekda Dewa Indra asked the media crew to make good use of this vaccination opportunity considering that top priority has been given so that in carrying out their duties they can be free from exposure to Covid-19.

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Apart from today, media crews who have not administered the vaccine can also participate in the vaccination on Monday (8/3) at the same location starting at 08.00 WIB until 14.00 WIB by first taking the queue number at the pre-registration table.***




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