Monitor Inflation Ahead of Nyepi, BI Called Chili Rawit and Onions Still Potential to Increase

Capacity Building for Media About the Central Bank of Indonesia. in Denpasar, Tuesday (9/3/2021). PHOTO - IST

BALI, THE IMAGE – Deputy Chief Representative of Bank Indonesia (BI) Denpasar Rizki Ernandi Winanda said that BI together with all levels of regional inflation control teams (TPID) throughout Bali are currently anticipating price increases ahead of Nyepi in 2021. According to Rizki, learning from the previous year’s experience , in 2019, for example, there were 8 commodities that increased except for rice. Then in 2020 only about 4 to 5 commodities whose prices go up ahead of Nyepi.

“The most frequent rise before Nyepi is chicken eggs. This year eggs are stable. Only red chili peppers have risen up to IDR 120 thousand. Likewise pork and red bawan,” he said on the sidelines of the Capacity Building for Media About the Central Bank of Indonesia. in Denpasar, Tuesday (9/3/2021).

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According to him, dealing with this condition, BI and all stakeholders have made various efforts. “What we recommend is so that prices can go down. We coordinate with related ranks to provide education and socialization about market conditions ahead of Nyepi and provide some input so that it can be carried out immediately in addition to market operations,” he said. First, reduce the demand for red bird’s eye chilies. People immediately switched to other red chilies. Second, increase supply by utilizing vacant land. “Recently in Karangasem Regency, we and the team talked about empty land for planting chilies,” he said. Logically, by increasing the supply, they do not go to the market, and the price goes down. Third, cooperation between regions. Where there are chilies, that’s where we work together. The local government should carry out various coordination and cooperation with other regions as producers of chilies and onions. The goal is to be a priority for delivery or distribution. Therefore, onions and The price level of cayenne pepper and red chili still shows an upward trend.

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In addition to these three proposals, Rizki also emphasized that of all districts in Bali, only Badung already has a controller atmosphere storage (CAS). “That function is not yet optimal. We hope that other districts will cooperate with Badung to accommodate their harvest during the harvest season to maintain quality and price stability. But it has not been done,” he said. This means that other districts in Bali please use the CAS in Badung. What is the system like, please set it independently. He gave an example, in Kudus, Central Java, for example, farmers used to rent out warehouses to accommodate their crops. During the harvest season, the price must be cheap. Farmers choose to store in the warehouse by renting. Then after the price rises, the farmers remove the commodity from the warehouse to be sold. Of course the price goes up because it is sold when it is not the harvest season. In Bali, the CAS in Badung can actually be used for the same purpose other than keeping supplies safe.***

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