Accelerating Bali Tourism Recovery, Provincial Government Collaborates with Business Actors to Vaccinate Tourism Workers

Vaccin for Tourism Workers. PHOTO - SPC.

BALI – In order to accelerate the recovery of Bali’s economy, which was badly affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, the vaccination program to create group immunity has been intensified. Tourism as the mainstay of Bali’s economy and the sector affected by the pandemic is also a priority for the vaccination program. To accelerate this target, the Bali Provincial Government is working with tourism actors to implement a vaccination program for tourism workers.

This was conveyed by the Regional Secretary (Sekda) of Bali Province Dewa Made Indra while reviewing the implementation of vaccinations for tourism workers at the Harris Hotel, Kuta, Badung, Wednesday (10/3). On this occasion, he appreciated the enthusiasm of tourism workers to get the Covid-19 vaccine. “This is an example of good cooperation between the government and tourism actors, so that the vaccination can be achieved more quickly,” he explained to the media crew.

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He conveyed that the form of this collaboration was that tourism actors prepare a place, invite and collect data on workers, while the government prepares personnel for vaccination. “Except for pre-registration and registration personnel, screening, vaccination and observation personnel are prepared by the provincial government through the Health Office,” he added.

Regarding the course of vaccination, Sekda Dewa Indra highly appreciates it because everything is very orderly, neat and orderly. In fact, everyone has received an invitation to vaccination days and hours to prevent crowds. “It’s very good, everything is well organized. This should be used as an example when implementing vaccinations for the general public later, “he explained.

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He admitted that today’s vaccination target is as many as 200 participants, because it also calculates the number of vaccines available and personnel. “While we look at the flow, today it is enough for 200 participants, Friday we plan to increase it to 500 participants. With a note that the implementation must also be as neat as it is now and stay away from the crowd, “he said.

Meanwhile, the Head of the Bali Provincial Tourism Office, Putu Astawa, also hopes that through this vaccination, Bali tourism will soon recover and the economy will revive. “Apart from the implementation of the CHSE, this is a step for tourism personnel to accelerate the recovery of the Balinese economy,” he explained. Regarding the target of vaccination participants, in line with Secretary of the Dewa Indra, his party is trying to increase the number of staff so that more tourism workers can be vaccinated. “We are sure that with the recovery of our tourism condition, the economy of Bali will start first. So that we continue to boost the completion of vaccinations for tourism workers, “he said.***

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