Inmates who killed journalists in Bali ask for remission


BALI, THE IMAGE – Convict who killed journalists in Bali, Nyoman Susrama, is again trying to ask for remission and wants to change his status from a life sentence to an ordinary sentence so that remission can be requested. In fact, two years ago, to be precise on February 9, 2019, President Jokowi withdrew the remission for I Nyoman Susrama, the mastermind behind the murder of Radar Bali journalist AA Gde Bagus Narendra Prabangsa. Now, after two years, even though his remission has been annulled, Susrama has again proposed a remission.

The information obtained by this media is that the Karangasem Correctional Body (Bapas) began to meet with Prabangsa’s family at Puri Kanginan, Bangli. Officers from Bapas Karangasem asked the family for their response to Susrama’s remission efforts. Of course Prabangsa’s family rejected it. The family cannot forgive Susrama’s cruel attitude which killed Prabangsa. Moreover, Prabangsa was massacred while carrying out his duties as a journalist. “We refuse if the government gives a remission to Susrama. We do not agree that he will receive a remission, ”said AA Gde Panji, Prabangsa’s older brother, Wednesday (10/3/2021). He explained that officers from Bapas Karangasem came to his house. In essence, they asked for understanding so that the cruel murderer of Nyoman Susrama was granted a remission. The 60-year-old man said that the relationship between his family and the Susrama family in Bangli was actually no problem. However, specifically for the provision of Susrama’s remission, Prabangsa’s family refused.

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According to Panji, the decision to reject it was not just his decision. But, it has also become a big family decision. The late AA Oka Mahendra, who was also his uncle Panji and the late Prabangsa, also emphasized that before he died, he should refuse to grant remission, until whenever. “Based on a large family meeting, we are committed to rejecting the remission for Susrama. Anyway, we refuse, “he said.

Meanwhile, Prabangsa’s wife, Sagung Mas Prihantini, also expressed the same thing. Sagung admitted that several months ago he was contacted by people regarding the remission. He also firmly stated that he refused. “I said firmly that I refused to give Susrama’s remission,” said Sagung.

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The woman who became the backbone of the family after Prabangsa’s death revealed that the government did not need to give Susrama a remission. This is because Susrama has never admitted guilt so far. Since the verdict hearing ten years ago, Susrama has remained adamant. “We begged the government not to give Susrama a remission. We beg to stick to the original decision, namely life imprisonment, “concluded the mother of two children.

Two years ago, President Jokowi on December 7 2018 issued Presidential Decree number 29/2018 concerning Remission in the form of a Change from Life Prison to Provisional Prison. A copy of the decision was then signed by the assistant deputy for legal affairs at the State Secretariat (Kemensetneg), Budi Setiawati. There are 115 names of assisted residents who received remissions. One of them is Susrama. After receiving massive rejection and resistance nationally, Jokowi withdrew the Presidential Decree. However, for some reason, the Karangasem Bapasem was acting up again and made an approach with the victim’s family so that Susrama was given a remission.***

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