Minister Yassona asked not to repeat the same mistakes regarding Nyoman Susrama’s remission


BALI, THE IMAGE  – The attorney for the late AA Gde Agung Narendra Prabangsa, a senior Balinese journalist who was killed by Nyoman Susrama, Made Suardana, asked the Minister of Law and Human Rights Yassona Laoly not to repeat the same mistake by granting a request for remission from the current prisoner I Nyoman Susrama. being championed by Bapas Karangasem. “I heard that I Nyoman Susrama, the intellectual actor for the murder of AA Gde Bagus Narendra Prabangsa (a journalist from Jawa Pos Radar Bali) again proposed a remission. I just want to remind the Minister of Law and Human Rights of the Republic of Indonesia, Yasonna Laoly and his staff not to repeat the same mistakes. President Jokowi by granting Susrama’s request for remission. Because it hurts the Balinese people, media crews throughout Bali and even throughout Indonesia, “he said in Denpasar, Wednesday (10/3/2021).

Suardana emphasized that the revocation of Presidential Decree No. 29/2018 and replaced by Presidential Decree No. 3/2019 by President Jokowi was a harsh slap against the Indonesian Ministry of Law and Human Rights, that his proposal required the president to revise and revoke his previous decree. And that was done by Jokowi two years ago. This memory has not been erased from the Balinese and Indonesian public, especially this is insulting the journalist profession. “I just want to remind, in 2019 when receiving the Bali Journalist Solidarity (SJB) action, the Head of Bali Regional Law and Human Rights at that time, Sutrisno, had shown his commitment. Sutrisno emphasized the special requirements and special notes for the convict Susrama. Namely it will not proceed to remission, “he said.

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He asked that Sutrisno’s current replacement, Jamaruli Manihuruk, should also be heeded. “Do not let us come down again with abundant mass during this pandemic. We are not threatening, we have proven it two years ago. We are final, that Susrama’s affair is a matter of murdering a journalist on duty. So that we consider this murder not like an ordinary murder, but a matter of threat to journalists’ freedom, “he said.

Journalists in Bali and across the country have agreed that there is no mercy for the perpetrators of crimes against journalists who are carrying out their duties. Prabangsa was killed while carrying out his duties to reveal the facts of the corruption case of the project led by Susrama. “We have provided data to the government, to the competent authorities, to law enforcers, that the Susrama case is the only case of the murder of a journalist that was revealed. Susrama is also the only perpetrator of crimes against journalists who received severe punishment. This Susrama has become a symbol of the state in terms of protecting members of the press, “he pleaded.

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The state policy to provide or not provide remission for reduced sentences is also a moral responsibility. Even though Susrama cannot be banned if he wants to apply for remission. Do not let the presidential decision which is proposed by the ministry be sued by the State Administrative Court, and disturb the image of the Jokowi government. If this is not significant to be taken care of by the Ministry of Law and Human Rights of the Republic of Indonesia, it is better if internal decisions are taken so that it can calm the situation in the midst of a pandemic. “Until whenever we will refuse remissions for the murder of journalists who are carrying out their duties. Because journalists on duty are guaranteed and protected by Law Number 40/1999. If the government gives Susrama a remission, it is the same as castrating press freedom in the future,” he concluded.***

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