The Sanur tourist area will be installed with GeNose

Denpasar Mayor, IGN Jaya Negara at Ombudsman Bali Office. PHOTO - SPC.

BALI, THE IMAGE – Sanur Denpasar tourist area will be installed a Covid19 detector, GeNose, at each entrance. Denpasar Mayor IGN Jaya Negara said the installation of a Covid19 detector made by the nation’s children from UGM was carried out because the Sanur tourist area has currently been designated as a tourism green zone area which will be open to the public.

“Sanur is part of three tourist areas in Bali which are designated as a green zone for tourist areas apart from Ubud and ITDC Nusa Dua. As a green zone, the area must be clean from Covid19. One of them is that we will coordinate with the center to install a Covid19 GeNose detector throughout. entrance to Sanur. The goal, everyone who enters Sanur is a person who is clean from Covid19. Just one is exposed, all of them are canceled, “he said in Denpasar, Wednesday (10/3/2021).

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The GeNose installation will be carried out when Sanur opens to the public later. So anyone who comes to Sanur must pass a GeNose check. If you are still exposed to food, you will be refused or sent home or you will be prohibited from entering the tourist area of ​​Sanur. “It’s called a green area, so it must be green. There should be no one exposed. Without exception, whether local tourists, archipelago, foreign countries. Really clean,” he said.

In addition to installing GeNose equipment, the Denpasar City Government will currently prioritize vaccination for all residents in Sanur. The entire Sanur area which consists of one sub-district and two villages will be prioritized for vaccination in the near future. Apart from the original residents of Sanur, also all tourism workers. “Until now, we are still recording the exact number of people who will be vaccinated. Because, the number is not only residents with Sanur ID cards but all residents in the area. This means, including those who have been working in Sanur, in various tourism sectors. , hotels, restaurants, destinations, including all residents without exception who live and live in Sanur, “he said.

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This vaccine priority scale is carried out as soon as possible to become one of the requirements for the green zone for tourism. Everyone in Sanur, the original residents of Sanur, residents who live and live in Sanur, residents who come and go because they work in Sanur, will all be prioritized for Covid19 vaccination. “Because of that, we are still collecting the exact number. Please cooperate with all parties to register their citizens, employees, so they can receive vaccines as soon as possible,” he said.***



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