Belitung Tritahlon Is Expected To Be The First Step In The Rise Of The Event Industry

Belitung Triathlon 2021 is the first event in the midst of a pandemic which is held offline. PHOTO - SPC.

BELITUNG, THE IMAGE – The Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy / Tourism and Creative Economy Agency (Kemenparekraf / Baparekraf supports the implementation of the 2021 Belitung Triathlon, which will be held on March 13-14, 2021.

The Belitung Triathlon 2021 is the first event in the midst of a pandemic which is held offline. The event is a joint initiative of the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy / Baparekraf with the Indonesian Triathlon Series (ITS) community and the Belitung Regency Government which is expected to be the first step in the rise of the country’s event industry.

There were 34 participants who took part in the 2021 Belitung Triathlon. Starting with swimming as far as 1 km at the Sheraton Hotel Area Beach, then continued by cycling along 32 km to Tanjung Tinggi, and finally running 5 km in the Tanjung Kelayang Special Economic Zone (KEK).

“I really appreciate our collaboration in holding a triathlon event. This will be the role model in creating an event, especially a sporting event. And this is also part of our initial steps to stimulate tourism and Indonesia’s creative economy, “said Deputy for Tourism Products and Events Organizer Rizki Handayani, while giving a speech at the 2021 Belitung Triathlon event, at the Sheraton Belitung Resort, Saturday (13/3 / 2021).

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Also attending were Deputy Secretary for Tourism Products and Event Organizer of the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy / Baparekraf Edy Wardoyo, Governor of Bangka Belitung Islands Erzaldi Rosman, Head of Bangka Belitung Islands Regional Police Inspector General Pol Anang Syarif, Belitung Regent Sahani Saleh, and Deputy Regent of Belitung Isyak Meirobie.

The Belitung Triathlon 2021 is carried out with the implementation of strict health protocols. Starting from limited participants, then antigen swabs for all participants. Then when swimming is divided into three waves consisting of 10-12 participants in each wave. Likewise, during the transition from swimming to bicycles and running, they are given a mask, hand sanitizer, and keep their distance.

Previously, Kemenparekraf / Baparekraf had made handbooks or guidebooks on CHSE-based health protocols which can be downloaded via the site.

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Rizki Handayani also explained that this triathlon is the right market segment to develop sports tourism, because so far swimming, cycling and running are sports that are very popular. Given the pandemic, this has changed the tourism trend in the future, namely more personalized, customized, and small-in-size tourism.

As the first sports event in the midst of a pandemic, the 2021 Belitung Triathlon is expected to contribute in introducing the potential for sports tourism in Belitung. So that it can attract tourists to experience firsthand the experience of sport tourism in Belitung.

“Today’s activities will be given to Indonesian Ambassadors abroad, to show that Indonesia is ready to organize sports activities by implementing good health protocols,” he said.

The Governor of Bangka Belitung Islands, Erzaldi Rosman, expressed his gratitude for the implementation of the 2021 Belitung Triathlon. This activity is our first step to inform that an event in the midst of a pandemic can be held.

“We are very proud that this national event started in Belitung, Bangka Belitung Islands Province. Our hope is that Belitung can become a sports tourism icon that can trigger the revival of the country’s tourism, “he said.

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One of the female winners of the 2021 Belitung Triathlon, Nethavani Octaria, shared her experience of participating in the first leg of this triathlon. He was very happy and very excited. Finally the triathlon event was held again after being suspended for one year.

“Triathlon is a very good and very exciting sports field. For that, I really hope there will be more and more often this triathlon event is held. And hopefully it can be expanded in various destinations in Indonesia, “said Vani as he is fondly called.

The series of events for the 2021 Belitung Triathlon will be continued on Sunday (14/3/2021) with the concept of the Belitung Coffee Ride. The participants will cycle for 30 km, starting from Hotel Santika, then Sijuk Temple, Tanjung Kelayang Beach, Tanjung Tinggi Beach and back to Hotel Santika. Between bikes, participants will enjoy the legendary Kong Djie Coffee. ***


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