Premium Quality Juice, Mama Roz Products Available in Bali

Premium juice with high quality by Mama Roz

BALI, THE IMAGE – Another food product or juice drink is present in Bali. This time it came from Mama Roz products under the banner of PT Adelphi TransAsia. The founder of Mama Roz, Hendrik Setiawan, explained that the juice he produces is premium juice with high quality.

“Why say premium juice with high quality, because we use a high-tech machine, namely Cold Press. Our machines come from America and Europe. In addition, it is called high quality premium juice, also because the nutrients in the raw material of the fruit are guaranteed to be maintained or not lost,” he said. “he said in Denpasar, Friday (19/3/2021).

Hendrik explained, the work process of the high-tech cold press machine guarantees that the nutritional content in the juice will not be lost. “The way this cold press machine works is different. For regular juice, there is a rotation like a blender. Now, the rotation causes the temperature to heat so that the fruit’s nutrients will be lost. Meanwhile, in Mama Roz’s cold press machine, the process is not rotated like a blender. She is squeezed. the result is only real fruit juice and it remains cold. The nutrients are still original and guaranteed to be of high quality. This is the advantage of Mama Roz’s cold press machine, “he said.

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After successfully convincing consumers in 10 outlets in Jakarta and its surroundings, Hendrik opened two outlets in Bali. Due to its premium class, Mama Roz juice is in demand by foreigners. In Bali recently opened in the tourist area around Canggu. The first outlet was opened at Pepito Market Canggu on Jl Raya Kerobokan and the second outlet at Pepito Market Semer Kerobokan Kelod. These two locations are Bali’s tourism centers and hangout places for foreigners.

“The demand from foreigners is very high. For the time being, we have only opened at two points, all of which are at Pepito Market. We are optimistic that the three consumers will feel its benefits so they will look for Mama Roz Jus. We believe the market potential in Bali, especially in tourist areas, is very important. high, “he said. This means, after 10 outlets in Jakarta and its surroundings, then adding 2 outlets in Bali, in the not too distant future, it will add more outlets in Bali.

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Currently, he produces 55 variants of Mama Roz juice products. Everything is premium and of high quality. The price is IDR 45 thousand per bottle. “Our message to consumers, start with a healthy lifestyle by consuming vegetables and fruit. Especially for juices, use juices with high nutrition and complete with quality assurance like Mama Roz. Because consuming 1 bottle of Mama Roz Juice is the same as consumption of 1, 5 kilograms of vegetables, “he said.***



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