LSPR-PWI Bali Signs an Agreement on Human Resource Development for Journalists in Bali

The signing of the MoU on the offline collaboration between LSPR Bali and the Indonesian Journalists Association (PWI) at the LSPR Bali Campus, Tuesday (23/3/2021). PHOTO - SPC.

BALI, THE IMAGE – London School of Public Relations (LSPR) Bali signed an agreement with the Indonesian Journalists Association (PWI) Bali Province. Deputy Head of Media Relations of Communication Reputation Department Rizka Septiana explained, the Memorandum of Understanding was based on the need for education to produce competent individuals in various professions.

“LSPR held a Media Gathering as well as the signing of the MoU on the offline collaboration between LSPR Bali and the Indonesian Journalists Association (PWI),” Rizka explained at the LSPR Bali Campus, Tuesday (23/3/2021).

According to Rizka, communication science is an academic excavation that underlies practical activities in various industries and professions. Communication is an important concept in today’s social world phenomenon. “Its relevance to the need for education in producing competent individuals in various professions,” he said.

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LSPR Bali representative Gesille Sedra Buot-Zambrano, MBA added, journalists have an important role in conveying information in raising public awareness. Especially, awareness in the field of education. “Face-to-face communication like this is more effective as a forum for friendship,” said Giselle.

On the other hand, Giselle who was accompanied by the General Manager of LSPR Bali, Yackie, SE., Also explained about the education program at LSPR. Among other things, the S1 Communication Science Program is held using the Blended Learning and E-learning methods, One Year Vocational Program for PR Officers, Language Courses, as well as Journalist Professional Certification and Public Relations Professional Certification.

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Meanwhile, the chairman of PWI Bali IGMB Dwikora Putra who was present with several PWI administrators in Bali Province said that the MoU with the public relations education institution was considered very useful. Given, LSPR and PWI have a role and commitment in the field of HR education, especially public relations (PR), media and journalism. “We hope that this MoU can strengthen each other in an effort to achieve each other’s targets,” said Dwikora.

The MoU which was jointly signed, said Dwikora, is expected to strengthen each other in efforts to achieve the targets of each institution. He said he appreciated the cooperation for mutual progress.

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On the other hand, currently LSPR Bali is holding its inaugural event titled LSPR Bali Festival 2021. There are three activities being held, namely, the TikTok Challenge, the Young Public Relations Camp and the English for Fun Class which are aimed at high school / K and university students with maximum age of 20 years who reside in Bali and outside Bali.***



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