Sanur Grieves! Ida Pedanda Nabe Gede Dwija Ngenjung, Sanur Tourism Pioneer Dies

Ida Pedanda Nabe Gede Ngenjung. FOTO - IST.

SANUR, THE IMAGE – Sanur Grieves! Ida Pedanda Nabe Gede Ngenjung, Sanur tourism pioneer died, on Sunday (28/3/2021) at 16.00 WITA coincides with the full moon.

Ida Pedanda Nabe quietly breathed his last at Griya Gede Keniten, Jalan Hang Tuah No. 19, Sanur at the age of 87, accompanied by Ida Pedanda’s wife, sons, daughters-in-law and grandchildren.

On the same day, before breathing his last, Ida Pedanda Nabe Gede Ngenjung performed the Surya Sewana (Puja performed by the Sulinggih at sunrise) at Merajan Griya Gede Keniten. The last prayer was continued at Pujawali at the Pura Hotel at Puri Santrian Resort Sanur at 10:00 a.m., to coincide with Sasih Kedasa’s Full Moon Day.

Ida Pedanda Nabe Gede Dwija Ngenjung was born in Sanur, 26 May 1934. Has been carrying out Swadharma as a Sulinggih since 21 September 2009. In his daily life as a Hindu priest.

“In carrying out Swadharma, Ida Pedanda Nabe Gede Ngenjung is very enthusiastic about doing it with Ida Pedanda Wife. It is proven that he never feels tired in his service,” said Ida Bagus Ngurah Agung Kumbayana, Ida Pedanda Nabe’s first son in Sanur, Monday (26/4/2021).

Ida Pedanda Nabe leaves a wife, Ida Pedanda, wife of Agung Patni Ngenjung, four sons; Ida Bagus Ngurah Agung Kumbayana, Ida Bagus Gede Agung Sidharta Putra, Ida Bagus Agung Partha Adnyana and Ida Bagus Agung Awatara Putra. Of the four sons he was awarded 15 grandchildren.

Ida Pedanda Nabe Gede Dwija Ngenjung during his life when walaka was named Ida Bagus Tjethana Putra, BSc. He likes to play golf, read and take a leisurely walk along Sanur Beach.

He has an important role as a model entrepreneur pioneer in the tourism sector. In addition, he is also active in various organizations such as PHRI Bali, Kadin Bali, PATA Bali, Apindo Bali, Lions Club International and so on, and regularly participates in international conventions including PATA, ITB Berlin, AHRA and ATF.

He was appointed as Chairman of PHRI Bali (1985 – 1995) and as Chairman of the Bali Lions Club from 1994 – 1995.

His work in the tourism sector, which he spent more than 50 years, started after completing tertiary education in 1960 at Gajah Mada University with a BSc., Who then worked at the Bali Beach Hotel in 1965-1972.

Then pioneered the Santrian Beach Cottages hotel in 1972 which became the forerunner of the Griya Santrian Resort and developed into the Santrian Group tourism business line. Apart from Griya Santrian Resort, this Group also owns Puri Santrian Resort, The Royal Santrian Luxury Beach Villas and companies under the Santrian Group flag.

In addition to pioneering the hospitality business, Ida Pedanda Nabe was the initiator of the establishment of the Sanur Development Foundation (YPS) to empower the potential of the Sanur community, anticipate tourism growth after the establishment of the Bali Beach Hotel, promote education and protect the environment and Balinese noble cultural traditions.

For his dedication to the tourism sector, He received awards in the form of the Karya Karana Tourism Award (2005) from the Governor of Bali Province, the Tri Hita Karana Award (2002), “10 Executive 1994” from the Jawa Pos Group, and the Lions International Award (1995).

He is also the holder of the 2019 Tourism Badges Satya Service Star from the President of the Republic of Indonesia Mr. Ir. Joko Widodo.

The family really respects and follows the decision of the Sulinggih in the Paruman Agung Pasemetonan Brahmana on Thursday, April 1, 2021, which is attended by 30 Sulinggih. Among them; Ida Pedanda Gede Putra Kemenuh (Griya Gede Kemenuh Gianyar), Ida Pedanda Gede Putra Tembawu (Griya Gede Aan Klungkung) and Ida Pedanda Gede Putra Bajing (Griya Tegal Jingga Denpasar).

The Palebon Layon Ida Pedanda Nabe Gede Dwija Ngenjung procession will be held on Sunday, August 15, 2021, preceded by the Nyiramin (Melelet) Ceremony on Sunday, July 11, 2021.

Layon Ida Pedanda Nabe was buried at his residence in Sanur for 4.5 months to provide an opportunity for friends and people who wish to express their condolences.

The big family of Griya Jero Gede and Griya Gede Keniten Sanur, would like to thank you for your attention and condolences from relatives and friends.

“On behalf of the Griya Jero Gede and Griya Gede Keniten Large Family, Sanur, we apologize if during life there were words or actions of our father Ida Pedanda Nabe, which may not have been pleasing to all of you,” asked Gus Ngurah.***

By Nansy


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