Even though it’s family karaoke, Happy Puppy Gatsu Sells Alcohol and provides a LC


DENPASAR, THE IMAGE — Family karaoke in Denpasar is an option for people to enjoy entertainment on the weekends or just to unwind due to a busy schedule of work or other activities. For this reason, a number of people want to restore the situation by having fun, enjoying entertainment with their family or closest people and friends at family karaoke.

So, what happens if the karaoke which is intended for families then switches to providing and selling alcoholic drinks and also providing a song guide or popularly called Lady Companion (LG).

One of the family karaoke places that are said to be practicing things that are out of the ordinary and are strongly suspected of violating the ‘norm’ of family karaoke as a place for family recreation, by providing liquor and also Lady Companion (LC) or a guide is Karaoke Happy Puppy, family karaoke on Jalan Gatot Subroto (Gatsu) Denpasar. This karaoke is alleged to have ignored the provisions as a place for family recreation by selling liquor (liquor) or alcoholic beverages (Mikol). Not only that, Happy Puppy Family Karaoke also provides song guides that are not allowed at family karaoke places.

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From this media search, it turns out that the Happy Puppy Family Karaoke on Jalan Gatsu is actually carrying out illegal practices by selling alcohol and providing song guides at a rate of Rp. 500 thousand.

“Supposedly, as a place for family entertainment, namely family karaoke, where many visitors are children or underage, Happy Puppy does not sell alcohol and provides women as song guides,” said one official at the Denpasar City Government.

According to the official, who asked not to be named, admitted that he had heard and received information that Happy Puppy had illegal practices in running his business as a family karaoke.

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“We have received information that Happy Puppy Family Karaoke sells mikol and also provides female song guides,” he said.

It is said, in the near future it will call the management of Happy Puppy to explain related to the mikol sold and also the guide for the song. “In terms of permits, it’s not allowed because family karaoke is not karaoke for adult visitors,” he said.***


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