Promote Chinese Culture and Uniqueness, Will Young Launches 2023 Calendar in Bali

Will Young (right) with Herry, Chairman of the Teochew Association of Bali Island at the launch of the 2023 Chinese Calendar. PHOTO

BALI, THE IMAGE –  After the Overseas Chinese Trade Conference and Exhibition at Jimbaran Bay Resort, Monday (14/11/2022) Will Young, Calendar Editor, launched the 2023 Chinese Calendar.

“This Chinese calendar contains culture and customs and various information about China. It conveys the world and creativity of young people. Also important days,” said Will Young, explaining that it will be launched every year. “This is the first year the Chinese calendar was launched in Bali,” he said again.

He added that the 2023 calendar is equipped with pictures and writings. “Introducing cities in China. Panoramas in China. Famous people in China. And the latest achievements of China’s proud mega-projects,” he said

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In addition, the Chinese Calendar 2023 also contains ancient Chinese philosophers, inspiring words and wise sentences. “Another goal, and more important than the launch of the calendar that was circulated in Bali, is so that the Chinese people in Bali and the international community can know and understand the mindset and spirit of the Chinese and how the Chinese work,” he said.

This calendar was also used as a guide for religious, dynastic and social life. Every year, Chinese New Year is marked by the characteristics of one of the 12 zodiac signs (rat, cow, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, sheep, monkey, rooster, dog and pig).

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Chinese New Year begins in the middle of the 12th month and ends the middle of the first month by following the full moon. The tradition was passed down from generation to generation.

Traditionally (for the Chinese), the new year is the most important festival or celebration. Everyone celebrated the new year, business activities were stopped so that business people could gather at home with their families.

Before the new year arrives, the Chinese will clean the house to get rid of the bad luck that has occurred during the year. Cleaning the house also means pacifying the gods who will come down from heaven to approach humans.

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In addition to the traditions already mentioned, there are still many traditions that have been carried out since the time of our ancestors. All of them are meant to bring good luck and long life to the whole family. ***


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