Strengthening Indonesia-China Cooperation, Shenzhen Overseas Holds Discussion and Launching of OCTF in Bali

The participants and various Chinese communities in Bali took a group photo after the conference at Jimbaran Bay Beach Hotel Bali.

MANGUPURA, THE IMAGE – Shenzhen Overseas Business Think Tank Research Institute (OBTTRI) held a Trade Conference and Exhibition at Jimbaran Bay Resort Kedonganan, Monday (14/11/2022). Apart from presenting a number of offline speakers, three online speakers from Malaysia, China and Vietnam also appeared.

The conference and seminar began with the launch of OCTF, an institution which is the hub for strengthening, facilitating and expediting the procurement of goods and services as well as sales centers for the two countries.

Director General of Shenzhen Overseas Chinese Think Tank, Cheng Wing SZE in his remarks said that the purpose of this conference and seminar was to strengthen cooperation in the fields of economy, trade and tourism. “Also cooperation in the field of culture. In the future, more tangible cooperation in the economic sector, namely exports and imports from the two countries. Technology transfer will also be a priority in the cooperation between the two countries,” said Cheng Wing.

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According to him, Indonesia and China have built cooperation for 30 years in the field of trade. “With cooperation that has been difficult to build so far, we are trying to build new communications in various fields to strengthen the economy and trade of the two countries. For example, trade in goods and services that are the needs of both countries. Also technology. And what is equally important is cooperation in the pharmaceutical and medicine. And in the future this collaboration will be more concrete with the presence of OCTF,” said Cheng Wing

Meanwhile, Chairman of the Teochew Association of Bali Island, Herry said that the presence of OCTF in Bali made it easier for the two countries to cooperate more concretely in all fields. “The development of Overseas Chinese is stronger and the number is very large throughout Indonesia. The potential is huge, making it easier to build networks among business actors in various fields,” he said.

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In the dialogue session various communities provided input for the development of more concrete cooperation with the presence of OCTF. For example, INTI Bali proposed cooperation with medical experts. “China is very famous for its extraordinary research on stem cells. Also very rapid progress in the fields of economics and health technology. This requires concrete cooperation,” suggested one of INTI Bali’s management.

Meanwhile, Dianto from the Indonesia-China Friendship Association (PPIT) proposed that cooperation so far such as culture, tourism and education be further expanded with the launch of the OCTF. “Cooperation in trade, tourism, health, education and culture will be strengthened for the long term,” he said.

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Answering questions and input from participants Cheng Wing said the launch of this OCTF responds to cooperation in economic relations, education and culture.

“In the future there will be events throughout the year or at least once every three months. In that event there are certain fields that are highlighted periodically,” said Cheng Wing.

The conference and seminar were attended by the entire Chinese community in Bali, namely the Indonesian China Friendship Association PSMTI, INTI Bali, MINNAN, Hakka, and the Jembatan Budaya School. ***


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