Varuna at Taman Safari Bali: Indonesia First Spectacular Underwater Theatrical Dining Show 


BALI, THEIMAGE.ID – Taman Safari Bali is thrilled to announce the Grand Launching of Varuna on 25 February 2024, marking the official full-scale debut of Indonesia’s pioneering underwater theatrical show. Building on the anticipation and success of its soft launch, Varuna is set to captivate audiences with its unique combination of storytelling, aquatic performance, and exquisite dining, all within the enchanting setting of Taman Safari Bali.

As we celebrate this milestone, Varuna not only showcases the creative and conservation efforts of Taman Safari Bali but also reinforces our commitment to offering extraordinary experiences that resonate with both local and international visitors. This grand unveiling is a testament to our dedication to setting new standards in entertainment and hospitality.

What Visitors Are Saying:

“Varuna’s debut was nothing short of magical, offering a fresh perspective on Bali’s entertainment scene. A must-do with kids!” – Siauw Rouline Janiz (@roulineee).

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“Mesmerized by the magical fusion of gourmet dining and captivating showmanship at Varuna. It elevated my wildlife adventure to new heights,” – Alexander Thian (@amrazing).

A Glimpse into Varuna: Unveiling the Depths of Creativity and Conservation

Varuna’s narrative, crafted under the expertise of Peter Wilson, unfolds in an immersive environment where the fascinatingness of the underwater world is vividly brought to life. This experience invites guests on a journey that merges the art of theater with the thrill of exploration, enriched by dining experiences that cater to refined tastes. “Varuna combines paper animation, shadow puppetry, and performances focusing on sustainability and marine conservation,” stated Peter. Echoing this sentiment, Alexander Zulkarnain highlighted, “Varuna showcases the beauty of Bali’s underwater realm, offering a breathtaking dining and performance experience to both domestic and international tourists.” Set in the lush expanses of Gianyar Regency and home to over 2,500 animals, Varuna stands as a beacon of Bali’s commitment to showcasing its marine beauty while promoting conservation and sustainable tourism.

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Cultural Integration:

Varuna’s performances are enriched with Balinese culture, thanks to collaborations with renowned local and international artists. “We aim to set a new benchmark for performances in Indonesia, showcasing the world-famous Balinese ambiance,” said Hans Manansang, Director of Marketing.

Experience the magic of Varuna, where the wonders of the sea and the art of storytelling merge. Book your journey to discovery at

Dive into the extraordinary with Varuna’s grand opening, a celebration of nature, art, and culinary mastery.

About Taman Safari Bali

Taman Safari Bali is a renowned wildlife park and conservation center located on the island of Bali. With a deep commitment to wildlife conservation and creating unforgettable experiences, Taman Safari Bali continues to lead in combining conservation and entertainment.

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About Taman Safari Indonesia

Taman Safari Indonesia is an environmentally conscious family & wildlife habitat oriented tourist destination. Taman Safari Indonesia’s business units are spread across several regions in Indonesia, including Taman Safari Bogor, Taman Safari Prigen, Solo Safari, Bali Safari & Marine Park, and Jakarta Aquarium & Safari.

Taman Safari has received several awards, including Best Conservation Institution, Indonesia Green Award, Sapta Pesona Award, Best Indonesia Travel And Tourism Award, Satyalancana Pembangunan Award, and other accolades.

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