ARCHIPELAGO INTERNATIONAL and MEAT & LIVESTOCK AUSTRALIA  Host ‘LAMB CHALLENGE’ Program to  Elevate Culinary Exellence in Asian Cuisine


JAKARTA, THEIMAGE.ID – Archipelago International, the largest hotel operator in Southeast Asia, proudly joined forces with Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA) presented the ‘Lamb Challenge’ program. This program is designed to highlight the distinctive flavors of Australian lamb and its compatibility as a versatile ingredient in Asian cuisine.

This innovative culinary event took place today, February 22, 2024, at The Alana Hotel and Conference Sentul City by ASTON. The ‘Lamb Challenge’ program is a part of the global Lambassador initiative, which enlists influential food professionals passionate about cooking with Australian lamb. This initiative aims to explore the incredible versatility of Australian lamb cuts and their delicious possibilities in Asian cuisine. Twenty-two renowned chefs from Archipelago International’s from West Area showcased their culinary prowess in crafting unique dishes featuring various cuts of Australian lamb.

Winners were selected by a distinguished panel of judges, including Chef Gilles Marx, Executive Chef  Amuz Gourmet Restaurant and Escoffier Indonesia, Mr. Winston Hanes – Vice President of Operations Archipelago International, Chef Windoe Santoso – Corporate Executive Chef at Archipelago International and Lambassador 2022, and Chef Ika Rizqi Pradana – Corporate Chef at Artisan Kuliner Group and Lambassador 2023. The judging criteria encompassed taste, presentation, preparation, and the innovative use of MLA products.

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We are pleased to be part of the ‘Lamb Challenge’ program, offering culinary enthusiasts the opportunity to savor the special creations of Australian lamb prepared by our talented chefs. This challenge not only elevates the skills of our culinary team but also showcases the diverse potential of lamb in Asian cuisine,” expressed Winston Hanes, Vice President of Operations at Archipelago International.

Australian lamb, raised on natural pastures and under strict quality controls, boasts a naturally tender texture and delicate flavor profile, making it an ideal canvas for diverse spice palettes and cooking methods found across Asia.

Australian lamb is renowned for its naturally tender texture and subtle succulent flavor, perfectly complementing the diverse culinary traditions of Asia,” said Windoe Santoso, Corporate Executive Chef at Archipelago International and Ambassador for MLA 2022 in Indonesia. “This collaboration with MLA reflects our commitment to supporting the red meat industry in Indonesia and promoting the consumption of Australian lamb.”

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The winner of this competition is Chef Sukma Nurydadinata from Grand ASTON Puncak. Second place winner is secured by Chef Riswan Pramudia from favehotel Pamanukan while the third place is Chef Guntur from favehotel LTC Glodok.

“For this Lamb challenge, the menu I am presenting is the classic Meat Rendang menu, in terms of spices and ingredients, we take good quality spices. As the main champion of the Lamb Challenge, I dedicate it to “Grand Aston Puncak Hotel & Resort”, and of course from winning this competition, we also want to convince all our hotel guests that the quality of the menu we make in terms of taste and appearance, we always make it a priority to satisfy hotel guests.” said Chef Sukma Nurydadinata, Executive Chef of Grand ASTON Puncak and the winner of the ‘Lamb Challenge’ competition

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The ‘Lamb Challenge’ program signifies a milestone in the culinary landscape of Indonesia, demonstrating the endless creative possibilities offered by Australian lamb in Asian cuisine.

Archipelago International and MLA congratulate the winners!


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