Taman Safari Bali Celebrates World Turtle Day with Beach Cleanup and Turtle Hatchling Release


BALI, THE IMAGE – Taman Safari Bali celebrated World Turtle Day with tangible actions, cleaning beaches, and releasing turtle hatchlings back into the ocean. The event took place with great enthusiasm on Wednesday, May 22, 2024, at the Watu Klotok Turtle Conservation Area, Klungkung.

This activity is part of Taman Safari Bali’s campaign themed “AMAYZING ACTION for AMAYZING IMPACT,” which includes the Tumpek Kandang Ceremony, beach cleaning, turtle release, and blood donation within the Taman Safari Bali area. The beach cleaning and turtle release at Watu Klotok Beach were attended by the management team of Taman Safari Bali, employee representatives, local communities, and environmental volunteers.

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Jesica Helena, Operational Manager of Taman Safari Bali, expressed her excitement, saying, “We at Taman Safari Bali are delighted to host this event, reflecting our commitment to environmental conservation and our role as a conservation center. This activity is a concrete step in preserving and conserving the surrounding environment, especially coastal habitats that are home to various marine life, including turtles.”

Bali is always known for its serene beaches and stunning panoramas that attract many global tourists. However, these beaches are threatened by increasing litter, debris, and contaminants along the coastline. If left unchecked, Bali’s beautiful beaches will gradually degrade, losing their integrity as Bali’s icons. Taman Safari Bali’s beach cleaning activities involve the removal of trash and debris from the shoreline, aiming to create a cleaner and safer environment for marine life and beach visitors.

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In conjunction with World Turtle Day, commemorated annually on May 23, dedicated to raising awareness of the importance of turtle conservation by promoting efforts to protect their natural habitats. Taman Safari Bali’s initiative to clean Watu Klotok Beach aligns with the goals of World Turtle Day by highlighting the importance of preserving coastal ecosystems and ensuring the survival of turtles for future generations.

After the beach cleanup, participants from Taman Safari Bali joined in releasing prepared turtle hatchlings back into the sea. This undoubtedly makes a real contribution to conservation efforts to protect this endangered species.

Taman Safari Bali invites everyone to join in contributing to environmental sustainability. “We hope that this beach cleanup activity not only helps clean up the environment but also serves as a reminder to everyone that we share this beautiful island of Bali with many marine animals who need our help to preserve their homes. Visit our website at balisafarimarinepark.com for more information about our conservation programs,” said Drh. Kadek Kesuma Atmaja, LS Curator, Taman Safari Bali. ***

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