Chairperson of PENA NTT Bali: Legal Process for Celebrity Ade Chairunisa as a Deterrent Effect for Using Social Media


DENPASAR, THEIMAGE.ID – Chairman of the NTT Bali Journalists Association (PENA), Igo Kleden emphasized that the legal process for Selebgram Ade Chairunisa will continue to be monitored. Meanwhile, regarding the video statement that mentioned the name of the viral organization on social media, Igo emphasized that it was a one-sided statement without involving the PENA NTT Bali organization.

Following the viral video of a joint position statement mentioning FPN NTT Bali and PENA NTT Bali, the organization which consists of journalists from NTT clarified that the statement was not on behalf of the PENA NTT Bali organization. As a result of the plenary session, the management decided to continue overseeing the legal process that had been reported by the Central FPN to Polda Metro Jaya.

Chairman of PENA NTT Bali, after the plenary meeting of the at the Secretariat (Cafe Pica, Pojok Sudirman), emphasized that the legal process is a form of learning for perpetrators and the general public.

“We will continue to monitor the organization’s decision and continue to monitor this legal process and encourage Polda Metro Jaya to resolve this case. Regarding the video of the joint position statement on behalf of PENA NTT Bali, it does not involve the organization,” said Igo Kleden, on Saturday (08/06/2024).

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Previously, celebgram Ade Chairunisa posted a video that allegedly insulted and harassed NTT residents in Indonesia via a post on the Instagram account @psychedelisha19. The video then sparked the anger of the NTT diaspora who also commented on the post.

Igo Kleden said that Polda Metro Jaya investigators had worked and examined the reporter from the Central FPN. Therefore, Igo asks all parties to respect the legal process and monitor this legal process.

“Regarding right and wrong, we are waiting for the investigation process which is currently underway. There is no further bargaining. Investigators will assess, study which complaint offense will be used,” he stressed.

While responding to the video apology from Instagram celebrity Ade Chairunisa, Igo said that this apology was normally. However, to provide a deterrent effect, the legal process must continue.

“PENA NTT Bali firmly rejects Ade Chairunisa’s apology. There will be no further bargaining. There will be no further efforts to respond to Ade Chairunisa’s apology,” he said.

Meanwhile, the General Chair of the Central FPN, Adi Ndale, when confirmed, explained that the report at Polda Metro Jaya had gone as it should. According to him, investigators from Polda Metro Jaya have examined the reporter, namely the Central FPN.

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“Investigators from Polda Metro Jaya have examined the reporter two days ago. At that time those who were questioned were me as the General Chair of the Central FPN and the Head of the Legal Division Wilfridus Watu, SH, MH. We were examined as the reporter, statements were taken, confirmation of evidence and so on ,” he said.

His party has provided complete information to investigators. And in a few days, reported Ade Chairunisa will also be summoned by investigators to Polda Metro. Adi Ndale admitted that after questioning the reporter at Polda Metro Jaya, Ade Chairunisa’s attorney kept calling him and several other people.

“Ade Chairunisa’s attorney kept calling to ask for a meeting. We still refused. We let the legal process run as it should. We are waiting for Ade Chairunisa to be questioned by the police, and investigators will determine that,” he said.

When asked about the response to the apology in Bali which received a negative response, according to Adi Ndale, the pros and cons on social media were normal. He welcomes polemics on social media, both positive and negative.

“Polemics on social media are normal. Go ahead and be legal. But we in Jakarta remain focused on the legal process. This is for the sake of the honor and dignity of NTT people in the eyes of the public. Let the law take its course,” he said.

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As previously reported, the owner of the Instagram account @pshycedelisha19 was reported to Polda Metro Jaya because he was deemed to have insulted the residents of NTT Bali. The report to the police was related to the celebrity’s post which demeaned ethnic NTT residents.

In his post, the celebgram stated that he had seen the account of someone who was thought to be a resident of NTT. He said that the figure from his face looked like he had foreign ancestry but came from NTT.

“You don’t need an Arabic mix, you’re an NTT mix. You don’t need to be fancy using an Arabic mix. Your face is really NTT,” said the celebgram in his upload while laughing.

Apart from that, he also revealed that he had met NTT residents with sentences that were offensive and tended to be racist. “I’ve ever met little black people, I’m not a racist, they seem really stupid. I was really amused to see them wearing gold bracelets like US rappers, even though NTT people are anj***,” he said in the viral video. (*)


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