Bali International Film Festival is Held Again, “Fly Me to the Moon” is the Opener

Stanley Kwan and Sasha Chuk

BALI, THEIMAGE.ID – The Bali International Film Festival (Balinale) will be held again on the Island of the Gods from 1 to 7 June 2024 at Cinepolis Plaza Renon. This festival aims to promote the Indonesian film industry, arts and culture. Apart from that, Balinale strongly supports the role of the community through children’s programs and student workshops as an important part.

The 17th Bali International Film Festival was graced by the presence of filmmakers, film industry professionals and creative activists who brought innovative works. At least, there are a total of 60 film titles that have various genres with a total of 45 films being shown being premiere films. The Asian Film Awards Academy (AFAA), as part of Balinale, held a “Hong Kong Film Gala Presentation” session which presented six films made by Hong Kong. One of them is the famous producer and director Stanley Kwan.

Stanley Kwan was present at the Balinale event as a producer of his latest film entitled “Fly Me to the Moon” with young director Sasha Chuk. This film is the opening film of Balinale 2024.

“I feel very proud and grateful to the film crew, media and the Indonesian government for the opportunity to show this film,” said Stanley Kwan in a press conference on Saturday (01/06).

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Balinale President and Founder Deborah Gabinetti stated that there were two reasons behind choosing the film “Fly Me to the Moon” as the opening of the Balinale event. Apart from these two reasons, the film “Fly Me to the Moon” also has an interesting storyline because it raises issues about women, children and immigrants.

“Firstly, this is the first time we have a female filmmaker. We support new voices and women’s voices in the film industry. Second, because Sasha Chuk himself is supported by Mr. Stanley Kwan, a senior figure with experience and influence in the film industry. “The combination of the two will attract the attention of the audience,” said Deborah.

The film “Fly Me to the Moon” itself tells the story of Lam Tsz Yuen, a 7 year old girl from Hunan, who migrates to Hong Kong to meet her father, Kok Man, after years of separation. However, unlike what Yuen dreamed of as a child, the relationship between them becomes even more complicated.


“Fly Me to the Moon depicts the complexity of society and highlights its emotions. “I am grateful that this film is not only being shown in Hong Kong, but also in Taiwan, Rotterdam, and now in Bali,” said Sasha Chuk.

Not only “Fly Me to the Moon”, another legendary Stanley Kwan film, “Center Stage”, which is a digital restoration of a film with the same title, will also be present at the Hong Kong Film Gala Presentation at Balinale 2024. Uniquely, “Fly Me to the Moon ” and “Center Stage” both highlight inspiring women’s stories.

Apart from film screenings, Balinale 2024 will also present the Bali Film Forum, a forum for international and professional Indonesian filmmakers to discuss films, trends, opportunities for production collaboration and adaptation to the demands of the rapidly developing film industry. The forum will be attended by a number of professional speakers.

Deborah Gabinetti also emphasized the aim of holding this festival, namely to provide new references for producers, directors and young talents in the film industry. He sees great potential for the creative economy in Indonesia, providing opportunities for beginners and professionals to show their work to the world.

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“It is very interesting that Indonesia has extraordinary creative economic potential. We have many talents. “Festivals like this provide an opportunity for beginners and professionals to be seen by the world,” said Deborah.

This Balinale event focuses on the diversity of Indonesian and international independent films, as well as award winnings from various fields. Balinale itself wants Indonesian producers and directors, along with talent, script writers, and those involved in the film industry to have wider references.

Support from two Ministries, the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy (Kemenparekraf) and the Ministry of Education and Culture (Kemendikbud) shows that the government sees the potential of film as an economic driver in the future.

According to the Director of Music, Film and Animation Creative Industries at the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy, Mohammad Amin Abdullah, Balinale can be a platform for communication and building relationships with foreign parties.

Furthermore, for the next week, Balinale films can still be watched at Cinepolis Plaza Renon. Don’t miss the opportunity to see the works of filmmakers from within and outside the country.***


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