Mask On, We Are All In This Together. 


BALI, THE IMAGE – Bali Hotels Association is fully supporting the Indonesian Government program of “Ayo Pakai Masker” (Let’s put on a mask)  with the latest Bali Is My Life social media campaign, asking everyone to do their part by wearing a mask. The message conveyed is “We are all in this together”.

The campaign with a community wide reach is simple and clear “Mask On.”  Simona Chimenti, the BHA Marketing and Media Relations Director believes in encouraging everyone to continue wearing their masks with this hopeful and inclusive message.   “This is about public health. It is about keeping everyone safe, fostering the idea that we are all responsible for each other’s wellbeing”.

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The Balinese understand that #maskon is a key part of the measures outlined by the new CHSE health and safety protocols. Whether close to home or traveling afar, the use of face masks helps us protect one another.

As part of the campaign, we are encouraging Bali Hotel Association (BHA) member properties to share photos of their team members wearing a mask in their day to day life at work, assisting customers or socializing with colleagues. This allows us to leverage the powerful image that through coordinated team efforts, we are ready to welcome back guests, in full safety and with a smile in our eyes. Balinese tradition meets innovation.

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Masks are used as part of a comprehensive ‘Do it all!’  Bali Hotel Association members ensure the safety and wellbeing of their guests, partners and staff remain a top priority. As such, all member hotels and resorts have implemented strict health and safety protocols as mandated by the government and the WHO, including but not limited to:
– Mandatory wearing of masks except when dining and drinking
– Physical distance of 1.5 meters maintained at all times- Regular temperatures checks to regulate access
– Stations for hand washing and sanitizing
– Registration with government contact tracing procedures

BHA  also continues its coordination and support with local authorities, such as Disparda Bali ( Bali Government Tourism Office)  and the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy, through the vaccination program for the tourism industry in Bali, called  Pariwisata Bali Bangkit with the ambitious goal of vaccinating 70% of the island’s population as quickly as possible.
During the vaccination program, it is paramount that people remain vigilant and maintain the same health and safety precautions to prevent the spread of COVID-19.***

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Support by BHA


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