‘Urban Talk’: Environmental Solutions Business, Ready to Become the Future Market Leader


BALI, THE IMAGE  –  The issue of sustainability and resilience in the 2022 B20 Summit Indonesia agenda is an important concern for Jakkon who has worked in Indonesia for 21 years as a P/A/D/U consultant: Planning, Architecture, Design, Urbanism.

Disruption of technology, e-commerce, to the emergence of future skills, need to be adapted quickly by consulting professionals to catch signs of renewal, so that the creative process in regional planning and public space design can respond to current needs.

In order to gather the aspirations of changemakers to catch updates in the realm of urbanism, Jakkon facilitated a talk show entitled “Urban Talk”, Friday (11/11/2022) at Mamaka by Ovolo, Kuta, Bali. “Urban Talk” presented 4 (four) agents of change who voiced optimism for environmentally friendly oriented businesses.

They are Andreas Pandu Wirawan, Chief Commercial Officer of Ecoxyztem, Gus Norma, Founder of Clean Clean Bali, Andy Bahari, Leader of World Cleanup Day Indonesia and Agustina Iskandar Crombach, Strategic Partnership Manager of the Ministry of Waste, MoW Resource Recovery. The discussion was lively and enthusiastic.

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Jakkon as a member of the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, brings the issue of sustainability to regional planning and green building design at the B20 Summit Indonesia 2022.

“The enlightenment of the 4 changemakers today is an extraordinary energy for business people to not have to hesitate to develop a business that seems unpopular at the moment but will become a trendsetter and reap huge profits in the future,” said Hani Sumarno, Managing Director of Jakkon who moderated Urban Talk.

For example, Ecoxyztem, which departed from the environmental movement Greeneration Group, which later became 4 (four) startup portfolios, namely Waste4Change in the field of waste management, ReservoAir to deal with flood problems, Ravelware which drives green industries and Enertec which works in the energy efficiency sector.

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“We are now a venture builder for startups engaged in environmental issues and climate change (climate-tech),” explained Pandu, CCO Ecoxyztem.

“This year, Ecoxyztem has become part of the Climate-KIC Accelerator which is a global network of climate change initiatives, originally initiated by the European Union. This proves international support to open up more opportunities for climate solutions in Indonesia,” Pandu continued.

Ecoxyztem keenly catches the signs of the times. Climate change, floods, pollution are ongoing problems that cannot be solved instantly. A massive solution must be prepared. “Ecoxyztem’s task is to bridge the business aspects of resource opportunities that can become green jobs,” concluded Pandu.

“Are business actors still busy thinking about oil, turning vacant land into horizontal property, treating waste as just collecting and transporting waste, or are they already engaged in the future business for a more prosperous world? We will find the answer at the B20 Summit Indonesia 2022,” concluded Hani.

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In the G20 event, Ecoxyztem was actively involved in the B20 Net Zero Summit which took place today (11/11/2022). The forum organized by the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry discussed the acceleration of decarbonization globally from various sectors.

The same thing was also expressed by Agustina Iskandar Crombach, Strategic Partnership Manager of the Ministry of Waste, MoW Resource Recovery. According to him, his party is currently looking for a regional government partner who can be invited to cooperate in waste management. The technology comes from America and this technology is capable of managing 100 tons of waste per day. The target is to build 50 waste management sites in Indonesia if local governments are willing to work together to solve waste problems in their regions. According to Agustina, this collaboration will certainly benefit both parties. ***fra


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