Bali Ombudsman asks the government to strictly verify vaccine recipient data

Head of the Indonesian Ombudsman, Bali Representative Umar Ibnu Alkhatab. PHOTO - SPC.

BALI, THE IMAGE – Head of the Indonesian Ombudsman, Bali Representative Umar Ibnu Alkhatab, asked the government throughout Bali to continue to verify the data on vaccine recipients for health workers throughout Bali.

The request was submitted in accordance with the monitoring data of the Bali Ombudsman which showed that there was still a mismatch in the data of the health workers who received verification.

“Bali needs to learn from cases of data manipulation in an area in Indonesia. Where an ordinary citizen disguises himself as a pharmacist. Even though he is not a health worker. But he gets a recommendation from a pharmacy and is considered a health worker and then freely receives the vaccine. Don’t let that happen in Bali. So it’s viral, some rich people ask for free vaccines and put themselves as priority vaccines, “he said in Denpasar.

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The results of monitoring by the Bali Ombudsman show that there are a lot of masy vaccine data for health workers in Bali. In Denpasar City, for example, the data fluctuates. Whereas the city of Denpasar, according to data owned by the Bali Ombudsman, has the most health workers in Bali.

Data on health workers who receive vaccines are also very large and changing. “There is data in the field that is different from the data reported. Maybe because it has not been reported or has not been recorded in the official report,” he said.

Umar also emphasized that from the information received, the number of health workers who received the vaccine also continued to increase. This data must also be verified because it is not certain which final data has been vaccinated and which has not been vaccinated.

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Data verification is important because the number of vaccines to be distributed also depends on the data that has been entered. In addition, the government is asked to be transparent about vaccine data because currently it has entered the second phase of vaccine. The second stage vaccine will refer to the vaccine data in the first stage.

“If the data for the first stage vaccine is also unclear, the second stage vaccine will be more chaotic later. Do not let this happen because there are still many ordinary citizens who need vaccines,” he said.***

By Axelle D


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