Now, COOP COFFEE, CIRAD and RUN System Joint Proof of Concept of Farmers Corporation


COOP COFFEE, CIRAD and RUN System Joint Proof of Concept of Farmers Corporation: The MPIG Kintamani Bali Revitalization Project Utilizing Blockchain-based Traceability Solution to Implement Good Corporate Governance (GGC)

NUSA DUA – BALI, THE IMAGE – COOP COFFEE  has  announces a joint proof of concept (PoC) with CIRAD (The French Agricultural Research Center for International Development), PT Solusi Teknologi Niaga(Qasir POS) and PT Global Sukses Solusi of RUN System to start the MPIG Kintamani Bali Revitalization Project with utilizing Bext360 Blockchainbased Traceability Solution to trace locally certified coffee beans from the GI coffee delimited zone to both domestic and international markets.

Following the success of the direct export to the Starbucks Trading Company in Seattle last 2019 to utilize the Traceability Solution to trace coffee beans in its supply chain from crops (farm) to cup, COOP COFFEE has now entered into a joint PoC with CIRAD at scale involving The MPIG Kintamani Bali Revitalization Project- Bali Coffee Farmers Association and several private enterprises and their respective supply chains.

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COOP Coffee farmers with locally certified or “Geographical Indication” (GI) certifications in the Kintamani coffee-produce-regions of Bali will be able to claim the quality of their beans by leveraging the blockchain-based solution to offer transparency and traceability.

By proving the local origin of its coffee beans through a simple blockchain solution, this PoC also provides an efficient way to globally promote the high quality of Indonesian coffee by raising awareness of GI-certified coffee beans, coffee farming best practices, and a real use case for blockchain technology.

The RUN System is enabling the transparent business proof to partners as buyers and investors for details financial records.

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COOP Coffee stands for the “Co-operative for Indonesian Coffee” – a model of farmers corporation-wannabe with a purpose to help increase the livelihood of coffee farmers in Indonesia as well as to globally promote Indonesian coffee by using its two main pillars – traceability and transparency.

COOP Coffee and its supported farmers supply green coffee beans locally and also internationally to the US and Europe, including direct exports to Starbucks. The initial launch of this PoC will commence with COOP Coffee to scale up its trading business including preparing the CoffeeTrip-To-Origin from international communities to Kintamani, Bali this upcoming July duing the harvesting season and the success of Bubble Travel in Bali as the Indonesian Tourist Destination and the investment to the business from France, the Netherlands and Malaysia of Radiance Assets Bhd with total amount of more than USD 1,000,000 for this 2021.

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Upon the successful completion of the joint PoC, COOP Coffee, will further mutually assess and lay out a roadmap to onboard all GI-certified coffee farmers nationwide onto the Coffee Traceability Solution.

“COOP COFFEE is proud to joint partner with CIRAD and RUN System in this exciting proof of concept to be part of the Indonesian President urging the form of successful Farmer Corporation.

Indonesia is the world’s fourth largest producer of coffee beans by production volume and exports more than 60% of its production in the form of green beans.

Driven by an increase in coffee shops in urban areas, a wider offering of coffee products, and rising purchasing power, domestic coffee consumption has also increased over the year.***


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