International Criminal Perpetrator Dato Sri Shaheen reported by Indonesian citizen due to the allegation of fraud cooperate with Indonesian selegram Rea Wiradinata

Noverizky and Dato Shaheen

BALI, THE IMAGE.ID – Dato Sri Mohammed Shaheen Shah, a Malaysian citizen and a fugitive of Police of Republic of Indonesia who previously has been listed in Police Wanted List of Bali Regional Police and Red Notice by Headquarter Interpol in Lyon with number A-1286/2-2023, nowadays Shaheen was reported again to the Police of Malaysia by a rapporteour (victim) namely Noverizky Tri Putra (red: Noverizky) due to the allegation of criminal action that Shaheen committed in jurisdiction of Republic of Indonesia.

The criminal act that is presumably committed by Shaheen to Noverizky is connected with the legal service fee that has not fully paid by Shaheen to Noverizky based on cooperation agreement of legal service (Letter of Engagement) dated 06th January 2023 including the addendum or additional agreement. Prior to the Noverizky’s police report that he lodged in Malaysia, Shaheen had submitted a police report against Noverizky in Malaysia with number Damansara/094758/23 that is indicated as a false report. By virtue of Shaheen’s report, Noverizky committed a counter report by reported and denounce against Shaheen in Police of Balai Ampang, Malaysia, that is pertaining to the allegation of fraud/cheating and false report with number police report Damansara/013809/23 dan Laporan No Damansara/013808/23.

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After meeting and conversation with Noverizky at his law office AM Oktarina Counsellors at Law in Kemang, South Jakarta, Indonesia, Noverizky explain and confirm concerning his police report against Shaheen in Malaysia.

“I have completely reported against Shaheen in Police of Malaysia on 13th October 2023, whereas the police report against Shaheen is related to the allegation of criminal act (fraud) that Shaheen performed. Shaheen has allegedly conducted a fraud action against me, based on the legal fact we had that he has still a responsibility to pay out of service legal fee for the legal service that I have entirely given to him (Shaheen). It means that our duties/responsibility that has been accomplished professionally as mutually agreed based on Letter of Engagement between our law office and him (Shaheen). Nevertheless, Shaheen never fulfill his responsibility to pay out of my honorarium as agreed earlier. Now Shaheen has revoked the proxy (power of attorney) with me and has been replaced with the Elza Syarief Law Office.”

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“Beside the fraud police report that I have been lodged in Malaysia, I have also make other police report against Shaheen concerning the allegation of false report / false information, because before I convey and file a police report, Shaheen has reported me in Malaysia with the incrimination of extortion of his money with proximate amount IDR 6,4 Bilion Rupiah. It is not true (false report), because the money he mentioned is used for a legal service fee that Shaheen has agreed and signed the agreement (letter of engagement).”

Instead of remind and ask for his rights to get honorarium fee that has not fully paid by Shaheen, Noverizky just reported by Shaheen to the police of Malaysia with the allegation of extortion.

Further, after we asked for the confirmation to Noverizky regarding the validity of the involvement a woman who is celebrity in Indonesia namely Rea Nurul Rizkia Wiradinata (red: Rea) in the allegation of fraud criminal act that committed by Shaheen, Noverizky has corroborated that matter and said that he (Noverizky) has reported Rea to the Police of Republic of Indonesia of South Jakarta Resort with the accusation regarding the fraud criminal act and/or embezzlement based on police report number LP/B/4460/VII/2023/SPKT/POLDA METRO JAYA dan LP/B/4462/VII/2023/SPKT/POLDA METRO JAYA.due to the loan agreement that has not been paid by Rea to Noverizky with amount of IDR 2,5 Billion.

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“Yes, it is correct, Shaheen has also committed a fraud criminal act against me that get involved a woman namely Rea, he did it by using a way as if Rea lended the money to me based on loan agreement, whereas it has been committed by Rea based on Shaheen’s longing and instruction and that money evidently was using by Rea and Shaheen. Therefore, I shortly reported Rea to the Greater Jakarta Metropolitan Region of the Indonesian National Police and recently handle by the Police Investigator in Resort Police of South Jakarta of the Indonesian National Police.”***


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