Two Fugitive Immigrants from Russia Arrested

Andrew Ayer alias Andrey Kovalenko and his wife Ekaterina Trubkina. PHOTO - AD

BALI, THE IMAGE – Bali Police Resmob Team together with Immigration Office officers Class I Special TPI Ngurah Rai managed to arrest two DPOs who were Russian citizens. They are Andrew Ayer alias Andrey Kovalenko and his wife Ekaterina Trubkina. The two foreigners from Russia were arrested at a villa in the Seminyak area, Bali, Wednesday morning (24/2/2021) at around 01.30 WITA. The arrest was carried out by the Bali Police Resmob Team along with Class I Immigration Officers for TPI Ngurah Rai.

Head of the Regional Office of the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights Bali Jamaruli Manihuruk confirmed the arrest of the two fugitives from Immigration. During the process of chasing and searching for the two DPOs, the Ngurah Rai TPI Special Class I Immigration Office mobilized its entire staff to conduct searches throughout Bali to prevent the two DPOs from escaping outside.

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Bali and coordinate with the TNI, Polri and related agencies to search the existence of the DPO. “After 13 days of investigating the case, the Police Resmob Team Bali together with TPI Ngurah Rai Class I Immigration Office Officers on February 23, 2021, at 21.50 WITA moved to one of the places suspected to be hiding places in the North Kuta area and were obtained information that the two DPOs live in the Canggu area. At 22.00 WITA, the team moved to the location of one of the villas on Jalan Bumbak Dauh and obtained information that the two Russian DPOs had moved to a villa on Jalan Umalas I. At 01.15 WITA, the team had arrived at the location then immediately took action. The house searched for the whereabouts of the DPO and at 01.30 WITA the team managed to find the two Russian citizens of the DPO inside the villa, “he said.

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The Russian Citizen DPO is currently being secured in the Class I Immigration Office Detention room for TPI Ngurah Rai. “We would like to thank the National Police Headquarters in Jakarta, the Bali Police, Kodam IX Udayana, and all Balinese people who have helped in providing information and carrying out the search process. We would especially like to thank the Director of Criminal Investigation.

The general and the Bali Police Resmob team who were very extraordinary accompanied the search from the start until the discovery of the two Russian DPOs. High appreciation is also conveyed to the Head of the Special Class I Immigration Office for TPI Ngurah Rai and the ranks who have tried their best in searching and arrest. We will increase cooperation with the Bali Regional Police strengthening the implementation of SOP on detention handling, “he said.***

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By Axelle D.


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