First in the World, Pino Bahari Indonesia Foundation Holds Boxing Event on a Pool

Bali Boxing Day II

BALI – In the midst of the Covid19 pandemic that has hit the world, the Pino Bahari Indonesia Foundation, which is based in Bali, is holding a boxing event to support the sport tourism of Bali and Indonesia. Secretary of the Pino Bahari Indonesia Foundation Charlie Usfunan when confirmed in Denpasar, Friday (26/2) 2021) explained that this boxing event on water or a pool is the first event in the world to be held in Bali on March 20, 2021.

“This is the first time in the world how people will witness a boxing event on a pool or water. We will hold this event to support the sport tourism of Bali and Indonesia. We must not dissolve in the sadness of the pandemic that has hit the world. Bali and Indonesia must revive their tourism. One of them is is to hold a boxing event on the water. We don’t drown, let’s get up. Many of our competitor countries have moved, they have already held many events. This is the time for us to rise, and one of them is with boxing on water for the first time in the world, ” he said.

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Charlie explained, the location of this event was at Grand Kuta Hotel & Residence. At the hotel, there are pool facilities measuring 16 x 16 meters. The boxing ring stage will be laid out over a 7 x 7 meter pool. The remaining 9 x 9 meters are for spectators. So the audience still enjoyed the match while bathing in the pool. The boxing ring stage will be set up in the middle of the pool. To stay safe in the corridor of health protocols, the invitation is limited to 50 people. When entering they must show their invitation card. Because the capacity is 300 people, but only 50 people can enter.

Pino Bahari (red) and members of the Pino Bahari Indonesia Foundation after the press conference about ‘Bali Boxing Day II’ at Cafe PICA, Bali, Friday (26/2/2021). PHOTO – DIVI

“We will work closely with the local Covid19 Task Force, everything must be in accordance with the process. The officer who knows best about the procedure for health care will be,” said the young lawyer from Denpasar who also has a hobby of boxing. He emphasized that sport tourism is actually mostly foreigners.

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There are 15 games to be played. First, there are 5 matches for the juniors with a duration of 2 minutes and three rounds. Second, for the members. The members are all foreigners. The total is 5 matches with a duration of 2 minutes by 3 rounds. Third, for the senior group, there are 5 parties with a duration of 3 minutes by 3 rounds.

Meanwhile, the exhibition class is a 7-year-old female cadre with a duration of 1.5 minutes by 3 rounds. “All boxing rules apply at this event. This is an event that is packaged very professionally and means a lot to athletes because when they have stepped into professional boxing they are no longer awkward, no longer have stage fright because they have been honed or trained,” said Charlie added.

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The world’s first event to be held in Bali will be broadcast live streaming. However, to be able to watch, everyone has to buy tickets online for Rp. 25 thousand. Once they transfer money to the Pino Bahari Indonesia Foundation account number : BRI – 4723 01 011 858533,  they will be given an account so they can watch live streaming. All of the money will be used for social assistance through the Pino Bahari Indonesia Foundation.

Meanwhile, prizes for participants will be prepared in the form of a gold medal for the first winner and a silver medal for the second winner. In addition, there is also coaching money for participants.

For further information, please contact:

Charlie Usfunan – Secretary of the Pino Bahari Indonesia Foundation

Tel. 0819 9924 3777 e-mail:


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